Parent Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Parent Coaching?

A. Parent Coaching takes on many forms. It is a method of helping you understand, grasp, embrace and successfully manage your parenting challenges within your particular family dynamics. It can help you learn alternative parenting techniques and how to apply them. It also gives you an opportunity to share and "vent" about your situation. It provides you with the encouragement, chizuk (inspiration) and motivation to actually put all that you have learned and know into practice.

Parent coaching gives you the necessary tools so you can make the best parenting decisions.


Q. What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A. Parent coaching is not to be confused with therapy. It is NOT therapy. Therapy usually focuses on the past and the "Why do I...?" questions. Coaching focuses on the "here and now" and answers the "How do I..?" questions. Since not every situation may be appropriate for parent coaching over the phone, Rabbi Hochberg and Debbie Brown may suggest that you see a therapist or other professional for help with your particular situation. Also, coaching may not be appropriate for solutions to some critical, acute problems. It should not be used for crisis intervention, a quick chizuk "fix" or an anxious moment (e.g. a quick 10 minute phone call). It should be used as a long term approach to help you be the best parent you can be.


Q. Is parent coaching appropriate for all ages and situations?

A. Generally, parent coaching is helpful for parents of children of all ages. Since the goal of coaching is to help parents achieve a warm, caring, secure and loving home environment and make the best parenting decisions, it is a useful guide for most situations. Obviously, some situations (e.g. violence) may require more direct professional involvement than phone coaching can provide.


Q. What does it cost?

A. Rabbi Hochberg and Debbie Brown both offer parent coaching services. Rabbi Hochberg's fee is $65 for 45 minutes of phone coaching and Debbie Brown's fee is $45 for 45 minutes of phone coaching. Coaching time slots are prepaid in 45 minute segments and are scheduled as appointments. Also, if you are unable to use the phone, you may be able to make other arrangements with Rabbi Hochberg or Debbie Brown.


Q. I'm ready to start. What do I do next?

A. Go to the Membership page, select the coaching option you want, and fill out the form. After you have paid, you will need to send an email either to Rabbi Hochberg or Debbie Brown (depending on whom you have chosen). The email should include your name, phone number, date and time you would like to be contacted to arrange for your first appointment. Please indicate whether or not you would like to make the call or be called.

Again, please keep in mind that coaching is NOT therapy and should not be used in lieu of professional guidance for mental health, legal, medical, financial, business, or other matters.

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